Who are we

ACE EDU-TECH TOURS LTD. was created by a group of experienced and passionate team, coming from the Israeli high tech and academic environment with a unique twist of experience in making business in China.

We aim: to connect between students from China and Israel, through the startup nation Israeli cloture.

Our tours include challenging plan in a different way of study, involved outdoor activities and tasks, several tasks spread all over the most popular sites in Israel such as Jerusalem and the dead sea. Our activities are unique, interesting, challenging and fun, in order to provide a one in a life time experience of the Startup challenges not in lectures, specifically via personal experience.

We cooperate with of one of the leading academic centers in Israel and some of the world-renowned technology companies, to present exciting learning tour and program to the Startup Nation country – Israel and provide skills to the students.

Our Vision

ACE will work in areas where it specializes, tourism, education and technology to develop relationships and collaborations with the Chinese market in order to strengthen the relationship between Chinese and Israeli cultures and to create long-term educational and business added value for both parties.
The company, together with its partners in Israel and China, will continue
to produce attractive And relevant plans, to provide tools, inspiration and
the significant contribution to customers in China and Israel.

Our Goals

ACE is a tourism, education and technology company that aims to strengthen
and promote the relationship between the Israeli market and the Chinese market through an activity that creates added value for both parties.
The company carries out short-term experiential tours and Study programs in Israel for Chinese students, which include visits to major sites in Israel, active Unique workshops to encourage creativity, initiative and thinking outside the box, familiarization and exposure to leading start-ups as well as leading technology companies.
The tours provide participants, tools for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century, strengthen the relationship and connect with Israel, and produce mutual networking.

Kinneret Innovation Center,
The sea of Galilee Israel. 15132
Email: ivy.y@ace-we.com
Phone: +86 18583262563

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Kinneret Innovation Center,
The sea of Galilee Israel. 15132
Email: ivy.y@ace-we.com
Phone: +86 18583262563